An example of a page


A page is a markup file with a reference to a template to allow it to render as a complete html page.

A page may include references to external sections and constants.

{{ section:path/sectionname }}

A section is a markup file with no template.

A constant is a reference to a constant defined in config/constants.yaml

{{ const:constname }}

Note: Space is not allowed in section and const references, but only added to avoid replacement on this page.

Example of an included section

Below a section reference to asection is included in green ...

This is the contents of the asection

Section may include subsections. But don't do circular references!

Below the subsection section is inlined in red ...

This is the contents of the subsection ...

This is a reference to a custom parameter: Kilroy was here

This is a linked image


If the section doesn't exist a link to the new page will be created.


The section may also be pure html, like ahtmlsection below ...


Example of const reference

Below a const reference to title is included ...

Title: WebFactory CMS